Arizona Legislative Update could not wait until tomorrow, The Arizona Circus

This Update could not wait until tomorrow for my normal Legislative Updates.  

The Governor’s now an Advocate for killing of the living, and that’s Murder!

I just realized the Governor’s office vetoed SB1600 and this could not wait.

Lots of Bills really upset me, but this one SB1600  infants; born alive; requirements, really has me going.  Check it out and see if it doesn’t irk you as well!!!

The Ringmaster on the 9th Floor just VETOED this Bill on April 6, 2023!  The Governor’s now an Advocate for killing of the living, and that’s Murder!

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Linda Brickman,   602-330-9422


What other great State in America, besides Arizona, has a full Three Ring Circus consistently performing all year LONG in the Big Tent?  We have in…

  • Ring #1 Attorney General’s (AG) office,
  • Ring #3 Secretary of State (SOS), and
  • Ring #2, the Center Ring, is the Governor’s office (Ringmaster or Czar).

And the Legislature, in a separate 2nd Tent, has second billing (no pun intended) as they are for the PEOPLE.  Unfortunately, they only perform 4 to 6 months of the year or per request of the CZAR, who may have a Special Performance during the summer months.  The Main Attractions, the Legislators, include Democratic Demonics or the Rings of Satan.

Many of our greatest performers (the Bills) have been given the pink slip, fired or so-called vetoed, because the Ringmaster has no interest in accommodating the crowd.  These performers had a great chance of survival in the Legislature, but the Czar has had a different agenda all along.


Her biography for running for office confirms she’s an idealogue!

A very quick description of the Czar:

  1. She’s a devout anti-Constitution Idealogue.
  2. She’s anti-personal freedom other than unrestricted right to abortion/euthanasia.
  3. She’s pro-government control.
  4. She’s pro-taxation to fund government.
  5. She’s pro-taxation of the wealthy.
  6. She’s pro-teacher, anti-parent & student.
  7. She’s pro-public education (anti-charter, private and religious schools).

                                             THE GREATEST PERFORMERS         

Take a look at SOME of the Bills the Czar has already vetoed:

  1. SB1305 race; ethnicity; prohibited instruction [CRT Bill]         VETOED       3/9
  2. SB1024 public rights-of-way; unlawful acts                 VETOED       3/30
  3. SB1063 food municipal tax; exemption                     VETOED         3/28
  4. SB1096 firearms; contracts; prohibited practices                VETOED       3/28
  5. SB1250 employers; vaccines; religious exemption    VETOED         3/30
  6. HB2427 domestic violence; pregnant victim; sentencing VETOED          4/3
  7. HB2440 electric energy; power companies; priorities       VETOED         4/3
  8. HB2056 dry washes; permit program exemption          VETOED       4/3
  9. HB2472 social credit; use; prohibition                         VETOED       4/3
  10. SB1162 home-based businesses; restrictions; prohibition VETOED 4/4
  11. HB2437 transmission lines; applications; exceptions         VETOED       4/5
  12. HB2477 electoral college; support                                 VETOED         4/5
  13. HB2535 private property; wells; regulation; prohibition    VETOED         4/5
  14. HB2586 ADOT dynamic message signs                       VETOED         4/5
  15. HB2322 active-early voting lists; removed                           VETOED         4/6
  16. SB1600 infants; born alive; requirements                    VETOED       4/6

The Govenor Ringmaster just VETOED SB SB1600 on April 6, 2023!  This Bill would have protected infants; born alive; requirements!  This should be a crime!


Murder, the killing of the living, is a crime!

So, not only is the Czar against most living citizens of Arizona, she’s now an Advocate for killing of the living,and that’s Murder!  This is someone who believes in killing others both before they are even born and after they’re born and living!

To my limited intellect, I believe that is against most biblical teachings too.

Enough of her…

THE AG’s Office

After reviewing and grimacing at her limited qualifications, she is purely a supporting clown for the Ringmaster Czar; a supporting actor.  Nothing more needs to be said about this demon.


He is the perfect jester:  A person who is the object of laughter or another professional clown.


So here we stand in AZ with the cards that have been dealt us.

As our Legislature continues appealing to the crowd’s requests, the Center Ring fires back with attacking the crowd, and will continue UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE stand strong with the Legislature!

The legislature will strive to bring forward the necessary laws to help govern our great State, but we as a citizenship must join forces to not only help our legislature become the Center Ring of Attention, but also work to bring the Czar’s reign to an end by diminishing her control and power.

Our Call-to-Action ticket to becoming a stronger combatant in the Constitutional arena is not cheap.

Not to get too much in the weeds here folks, but remember “Footsteps?”  It is not us walking into darkness, on a lonely path, or a summer’s day walk on the beach…it is God carrying us to the finish line.

The Czar worships at the Altar of DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion).  Our strength lies in our numbers of people we have fighting and God’s faith in our survival – survival of the righteous.

A few battles may be lost along the way, but in the end, We Will Be the Winners Holding the Golden Ticket.


As this current Circus ends, the Ringmaster has been downgraded to a Tramp (the fourth of the 4 clowns in a circus), and We the People have become the crowd holding the Golden Ticket, for the return of a NEW Circus in January, 2024.

But given the failure of this current circus, we need to develop a better circus model, one that better reflects the relationship between the artists (government) and their audience (WE the PEOPLE).

The OLD Circus MODEL with the clowns and humorous acts is no longer working:  We need a new Cirque du Soleil type model; One that is Animal-Free (no Czar, AG, or SOS interference).

Here we will find the best of the best when it comes to human performances by bright and intelligent Legislators, speaking the music of We the People and keeping the crowds entertained without animal interruption.

To this end, we bid you fare thee well, until THE Cirque du Soleil comes to town in January.  There may even be a Surprise Act before you know it … maybe, with a little, Divine Intervention.

© 2023 Linda Brickman All Rights Reserved

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