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Linda Brickman’s Legislative Updates 02/04/24 Our Senate did not waste any time at all introducing over 300 new Bills at the beginning of the week.  They are now at a grand total of 732 Introduced Bills.  Since this past Monday was the last day for Senators to bring in new [...]

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Linda Brickman’s Legislative Updates 01/28/24 What a week, and not just at the Legislature!  With so much noise hitting the press, it is difficult to keep our eyes focused ONLY on what is important.  Oh yes…the truth.  Don’t worry, I was not bribed or blackmailed into doing these Updates.  It [...]

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Linda Brickman’s Legislative Updates 012024 Welcome to the 2024 Legislative Updates for those who missed the Legislative Updates last week! We are off and rolling with 890 Bills already introduced in the House and Senate.  With this Update, I am also adding a separate document for ELECTION BILLS ONLY.  There [...]

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FINAL LEGISLATIVE UPDATES ON ALL BILLS, AND ALSO A SEPARATE DOCUMENT ONLY ON ELECTION INTEGRITY BILLS AND the news most of us did not want to hear…SINE DIE HAS HAPPENED! After a record-breaking 204 DAYS in the legislature, the Chambers finally called the End of Days.  History tells us that the longest running [...]

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Rep Alex Kolodin: Summary of First Year in Office

Elections • SIGNED - Rewrote Democrat Secretary of State Fontes’ budget to remove dangerous aspects and require him to obtain legislative authorization before spending federal HAVA funds. • SIGNED - Defunded the Attorney General’s Election Integrity Unit, which Democrat Kris Mayes announced she would use to criminal prosecute conservative activists [...]

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Rep Joseph Chaplik: No More Road Diets

Democrats are on the warpath to put Arizona on a “road diet,” defund infrastructure, and undermine Arizona businesses. It’s classic leftist pie-in-the-sky, head-in-the-ground thinking. The money for the road diets is coming from the Federal Government, and it is the start of the government taking away your rights and freedom [...]

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Garret Lewis Talks To Rep Chaplik About Limiting Governor’s Emergency Powers

Representative Joseph Chaplik has a resolution going to the voters in 2024 that would limit the amount of power the Arizona Governor has to keep us in a state of emergency so we won't get locked down like we did during Covid. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/82-the-morning-ritual-with-gar-28403290/episode/the-morning-ritual-with-garret-lewis--118109827/?keyid%5B0%5D=The%20Morning%20Ritual%20with%20Garret%20Lewis&keyid%5B1%5D=The%20Morning%20Ritual%20with%20Garret%20Lewis-%20Garret%20Talks%20To%20Rep%20Chaplik%20About%20Limiting%20Governor%20Emergency%20Powers&sc=podcast_widget

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LEGISLATIVE UPDATES ON ELECTION INTEGRITY BILLS  Where is one’s Binoculars, when they are needed… No relief in sight for Sine Die or Days End at the legislature.   History tells us that the longest running legislature to date, was in the 1960’s.  The Senate toots the longest running days was in [...]

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