URGENT MESSAGE: FLOOD the Governor's office with calls requesting her to sign SB1231 into Law.  This Bill protects the personal safety and security of Arizonans. Ask The Governor to be for Arizonans not illegals. Press Release to my Email patriots (Legislators, elected officials, business leaders, LD Chairmen, P.C;s, and activists), [...]

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House Bill 2570, and Senate Bill 1112, are clearly zoning deregulation

HB 2570 and SB 1112 - NOT Good For Arizona Homeowners, Families, Neighborhoods, and Communities. These Bills are clearly zoning deregulation and would preempt localities’ ability to control residential zoning. Dubbed the "Arizona Starter Home Bill," there is nothing in these bills that requires the building of affordable housing.  They would effectively [...]

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Legislative Updates 02/11/24, #5

BULLETIN:  Governor Hobbs Signs an Election Bill Into Law!   Not only did she sign the Bill into law, but it was the FIRST Bill she signed this legislative session.  See attached article, “Governor Katie Hobbs Signs HB2785, Ensuring Free, Fair, And Secure Elections In Arizona”   The passage of [...]

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Scottsdale Water Tour

Wanted:  An LD3  GOP PC to plan the GOP PC Scottsdale Water Campus Tour Tour Scottsdale Water Campus Tour Wanted:  An LD3  GOP PC to plan the GOP PC Scottsdale Water Campus Tour A tour can help our GOP PCs can become better informed about Scottsdale Water and how to [...]

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