Linda Brickman’s Legislative Updates 012024

Welcome to the 2024 Legislative Updates for those who missed the Legislative Updates last week!

We are off and rolling with 890 Bills already introduced in the House and Senate.  With this Update, I am also adding a separate document for ELECTION BILLS ONLY.  There have been 57 Total Election Bills already submitted to the House and Senate this session.

The Veto Queen (Governor Hobbs), as she has been lovingly called, has her pen ready for Election Bills, Abortion Bills, and Anti-Immigration Bills that reach her desk.  Hobbs has already made it perfectly clear, check out last year (remember?), that she will not pass any Bill unless it is voted on with bipartisan support in the Chambers (so why did she veto the Tamale Bill?).

The Election Bills will be on my radar, as I will follow ALL the Republican Bills and only the Democrat Bills that refer to Elections, ESA’s, and Abortion.

Another Right Being TRASHED by a RINO – Please read Bill # HB2038


This Bill refers to recording and disclosure on phone calls.  Basically, if this Bill passes, hopefully NOT, then any phones calls within the State will require  BOTH parties on the phone call to consent to a recording of their call.  Presently, there is only a single or one party consent required, which is how it should be.  Please contact your legislator and tell them to VOTE NO on this Bill.

Don’t forget to monitor the TAMALE BILL.  It is back; let’s see if the Veto Queen vetoes this again!

As more Bills start hitting the headlines, I will keep you posted…

If there are any specific Bills that need to be followed, please let me know, and I will keep a watchful eye on them.


The RTS (Request to Speak) system is a necessary component to our legislative process.  This is an excellent way to share your positions on a particular Bill and let your legislator know that you support his/her legislation.  Please review this site and make sure you know how to use it properly.  The legislators depend a lot on your opinions, and this is where you share them.

The link to sign up for the RTS system can be found here:


Do we live in a Democracy or live by Democratic Principles?  I THINK NOT TO BOTH QUESTIONS!

I had a discussion with a strong Republican, and he says “yes” to living in a Republic governed by Democratic Principles.  HA!  If you want to read my response to him, please go to the attachment on IS AMERICA A DEMOCRACY OR…PART 1.  What do you all think?


Once again, as a gentle reminder to ALL of the people who just joined these updates, this is how to read the attachments.

  • All the Bills listed on the attachments are mostly ALL the Republican Introduced Bills.
  • Most all of the Bills, are the GOP Bills I monitor on a daily basis.  The Bills highlighted in Blue are Democratic Bills that I thought were necessary to follow.
  • And, the Bills highlighted with yellow in the status and date columns, are noted for your review to see their progression in the legislative process.  All Bills are up to date through 1/21/24.
  • Remember, each Bill Number listed is a link to the Bill itself and you can access the status, documents, and Agenda’s by clicking onto the link.  Even though I monitor and keep track of the Bills daily, I only send out Updates on the weekends.  So, if you want daily updates on any Bill, just click onto the Bill Number, and go to Overview or Status, for real-time information.

Besides this Cover letter you’re receiving, I will send 2, sometimes 3 attachments.  The first attachment is the Updated Legislative Bills for the week, a sheet listing all the Abbreviations used by the legislators, and periodically, I will send out a Citizen Legislator, commentary.  Since I will not become opinionated within the Update, the Citizen Legislator is where I will share articles with supporting documentation.

Lastly, I am enclosing two links from the House and the Senate.  They list the Session Deadline Dates for both the House and the Senate.  Keep a copy handy of each one to make it easier to keep track of specific Session Deadlines.

Thank you all for asking to be a part of this mailing list.  If for some reason you wish to be removed from getting Updates, OR you know of someone that wants to be added to the mailing list, please contact me at my email address,


Linda Brickman,

Director of Legislative Affairs for MCRC and LD2


CELL:  602-330-9422



Day 12, 1/20/24



            `                                                                                  House         Senate       Total

Bills Introduced:                                                                  650            181             831


Bills Posted: 831

Bills Transmitted to the Governor:

Bills Vetoed:

Bills Signed:


Memorials and Resolutions Posted:                             46              13                 59

TOTALS:                                                                                   696         194                 890


Resolutions Sent to the SOS:                                               2               1                   3

Non-Bill Miscellaneous Motions:


*Bills, memorials and resolutions are measures enacted or under consideration by the Legislature.







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