Linda Brickman’s Legislative Updates  #6       02/18/24

Linda Brickman’s Legislative Updates  #6       02/18/24


If the House and Senate were in a derby this past week, then it was the Daytona 500, a ride to the end, with deadlines being met this week… and next week being Crossover Week.  Here is the brief outline of what has happened and what will happen this next week.




Friday 2/16:  Last Day to Hear SBs in Senate Committees, and Last Day to Hear HBs in House Committees




This Monday marks the beginning of “crossover week,” which means, any Bills that aren’t out of committee and ready to receive a vote from their full chamber and “cross over” to the opposing chamber, will effectively be dead.



(but, remember, Bills are like cats; they have multiple lives.  The Bills that have “died” can be resuscitated in many ways, such as a “Striker Bill”)


SCR1014      presidential electors; constitutional appointments


SB1029              school blueprints; public records; exemption


SB1044        Arizona commerce authority; repeal


SB1133        legislators; conflicts of interest; requirements


SB1419        traffic stops; unmarked vehicles; prohibition


HB2032             school blueprints; public records; exemption (yep, again; not a misprint)


HB2115             legislature; random drug testing


HB2179             traffic citation quota; prohibition


HB2386        Frankfurt, Germany trade office; repeal


HB2387             Asia trade offices; repeal


HB2469             elections; signatures; public record


HB2565             vloggers; minors; compensation; trust account


HB2762             AHCCCS; ketamine infusion therapy


HB2814        early ballot return; voter intimidation




Well…the Legislature is still not working with a full deck of cards.  Three Democratic House members have been chosen out of the four that vacated their seats.  Here are your new Legislators:

  • Representative Amish Shah is replaced by Democratic attorney Charles Lucking representing LD 5.
  • Representative Jennifer Longdon is being replaced with Sarah Liguori, in LD 5.
  • Representative Athena Salman from LD 8 is replaced with Jevin Hodge.
  • Representative Leezah Sun will be replaced by one of these three people whom the BOS will choose:  Elda Luna-Najera, Natacha Chavez, or former Senator Martin Quezada.




Let’s give credit where credit is due.  Congratulations to Representative Consuelo Hernandez for her leadership and dedication in introducing HB2742.  I have added below the article sharing more about the Bill ( HB2742 ).  And also, a shout out to the House Judiciary Committee for understanding how important this Bill is.  Kuddo’s to all the awesome Legislators involved in the passage of this Bill so far.


There are many other Bills that should be discussed, but this time I will focus on Education Bills.  One Bill, is very questionable.  It is SB1354.  I have put a link below to the Summary page for this Bill.  Please review, and look at the GOP who are supporting it.


The second Bill is HB2218.  Here also is the Summary Page for this Bill.  This Bill I give two thumbs up to pass in both Chambers.


Interesting enough that both of these Bills have Democratic sponsors.  HB2218 has bipartisan support and hopefully will pass.




Attached you will find seven (7) documents, because there are two docs in one of the emails.  They all relate to HB2218.  Please take a close look at this Bill and let your legislators know you are in favor of it passing.  So how do we contact our legislators?

PART 3 BILL #2218 AND SUMMARY Part 2 Arizona could become latest state to ban attendance-related suspensions PART 1 Arizona could become latest state to ban attendance-related suspensions 2024 LEGISLATIVE UPDATE ALL 021824 FINAL 2024 GENERAL ABBREVIATIONS 011224 HOUSE AND SENATE EDUCATION BILLS AS OF 021824 2024 ELECTION BILLS ONLY 021824 FINAL



The RTS (Request to Speak) system is a necessary component to our legislative process.  This is an excellent way to share your positions on a particular Bill and let your legislator know that you support his/her legislation.  Please review this site and make sure you know how to use it properly.  The legislators depend a lot on your opinions, and this is where you share them.


The link to sign up for the RTS system can be found here:



As a gentle reminder to ALL of the people who recently received these updates, this is how to read the Bill attachments.

  • All the Bills listed on the attachments are mostly ALL the Republican Introduced Bills.
  • Most all of the Bills, are the GOP Bills that I monitor on a daily basis.  The Bills highlighted in Blue are Democratic Bills that I thought were necessary to follow.
  • And, the Bills highlighted with yellow in the status and date columns, are noted for your review to see their progression in the legislative process.  All Bills are up to date through 2/18/24.
  • Remember, each Bill Number listed is a link to the Bill itself and you can access the status, documents, and Agenda’s by clicking onto the link.  Even though I monitor and keep track of the Bills daily, I only send out Updates on the weekends.  So, if you want daily updates on any Bill, just click onto the Bill Number, and go to Overview or Status, for real-time information.

This week there are about 6 attachments: the Updated Legislative Bills for the week, a sheet listing all the Abbreviations used by the legislators, the Election Bills, the Education Bills, Citizen Legislator Article (three documents discussing HB2218), and information on HB2785; a Bill recently signed by Governor Hobbs.  Also, the following three links are helpful as well:

Thank you all for asking to be a part of this mailing list.  If for some reason you wish to be removed from getting Updates, OR you know of someone that wants to be added to the mailing list, please contact me at my email address,


Linda Brickman,

Director of Legislative Affairs for MCRC and LD2

EMAIL:    CELL:  602-330-9422


Day 42, 2/18/24



            `                                                                                   House             Senate            Total

Bills Introduced:                                                  896            733            1629


Bills Posted:                                                                                               1629


Bills Transmitted to the Governor:                         1                 0                 1


Bills Vetoed:


Bills Signed:                                                            1                 0                 1


Memorials and Resolutions Posted:                    79              51                 130


TOTALS:                                                               974             784             1759 


Resolutions Sent to the SOS:                                 4               2                        6


Non-Bill Miscellaneous Motions:                                                                        1


*Bills, memorials and resolutions are measures enacted or under consideration by the Legislature

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