Make Your Voice Heard (from anywhere):  Request to Speak

Register to Use the Arizona Legislature’s Request to Speak System

One of the best ways to communicate your position on legislation is via the Request to Speak RTS) system. RTS comments are transmitted to each legislator and become part of the record for each bill.

Please note that while the name “Request to Speak” suggests otherwise, using the RTS system does not mean you actually have to speak in support or opposition of a bill in a committee hearing or attend the hearing (although, you may, if you would like).

The system is designed to collect public input electronically so that all can provide support or opposition to bills – regardless of whether they are physically at the State Capitol or not.


The RTS system was a paper document system originally created as a way for people to notify a committee chair that they wished to testify at a committee hearing. The original system required an individual to physically attend a committee hearing at the State Capitol and submit a written request to testify. Several years ago, the State Legislature automated the RTS system, ultimately resulting to the platform we use today.

How to Sign Up:

To sign up for RTS, the first time you must sign up in person at the provided kiosk in the State Legislature Building.

There are people that will go to the legislature in person for you to sign you up. Once you are signed up you will receive a temporary password which you may then personalize.

Once you receive the password, you may use the RTS system from your home computer.

EZAZ will sign you up and its website contains training materials on how to use the RTS system.

AZ Free Enterprise Club’s Grassroots Resources has informational videos on how a bill becomes a law, how the legislature works, and how to submit a RTS.

You may contact AZ Free Enterprise Club by email or telephone for information on how to get registered for RTS.