The effects of Title 42 ending are beginning to show its ugly head already.  With so many negative impacts of illegal immigrants coming across our border, a main area of discussion has been on our children in the educational system/immunizations.

I have taken some liberties to write about the effect of immunizations, or lack thereof on the illegal children and the effects on our children.  All educational institutions require every student by law to have immunizations prior to entering their public or private school.

No child left behind?  What about ALL immunizations left behind?

Check out this factual account of IT’S ALL ABOUT CHILDREN R US.


Another busy week at the Capital took place, before the Legislature decided to go on vacation until around June 12th.  Still no Sine Die in sight, and will not be.

Monday was a long day for both Chambers, with the Senate moving approximately 32 Bills and the Senate moving around 82, for a total of 114 Bills moving onto their respective floors, to the opposite Chamber or transmitted to the Governor.

Explanation of specific Bills are listed below.

The following are the statistics for each Chamber.

House Movement of Bills:

Sent to Governor:                                                                 23 Bills

Movement on Floor:                                                            9 Bills

Senate ELECTION Bills STOPPED by REP COOK:     8 Bills*See Below

Senate Movement of Bills:

Sent to Governor:                             3 Bills

Movement on Floor:                        79 Bills


Governor Hobbs “The Veto Queen” veto list now stands at 89 VETOES, including 6 more this week!   Hobbs stands at 151 Bills Signed, including 3 Bills she signed this week.  With the Floor action already mentioned, the Veto Queen has 26 Bills left awaiting her decision.

The following are the 26 Bills were sent to the Governor this week for a decision:

SB1157          hospitals; discharge planning; patient assessments

SB1186          foster care; children; parents; rights

SB1333          database; health professionals; license revocations

HB2010         banking; licensing; fees; insurer reporting

HB2094         mobile food vendor; operation; rules

HB2108         unemployment; requirements; disqualifications; shared work

HB2169         child sex doll, exploitation

HB2254         rulemaking; regulatory costs; legislative ratification

HB2305         ballots; signature verification; observers

HB2308         secretary of state; election; recusal

HB2309         law enforcement; sovereign authority

HB2377         public officers; lobbying; prohibition

HB2416         electronic applications; government employees; prohibition

HB2441         standpipe service; continuation; emergency

HB2469         sovereign authority; border; health crisis

HB2478         aggravated assault; law enforcement employees

HB2482         sexual assault kits; victim notification

HB2502         child support; date of pregnancy

HB2516         child abuse; investigations; forensic interview

HB2530         substance exposure; pregnant women; neglect

HB2539         school choice; failing schools; notice

HB2545         public health emergency; sovereignty; limitations

HB2560         images; voter lists; records; contest

HB2617         carrying of firearms; constables

HB2757         court of appeals; retention election

HB2826         health boards; AHCCCS; continuation.

The following 3 Bills were also signed into Law on 5/16/23:

HB2431         workers’ compensation; firefighters; rate deviation

HB2507         grain research council; continuation

HB2599         interstate compact; military children; revisions

The following 6 Bills were vetoed on 5/16/23

HB2312         women’s shelters; male employees; liability

HB2428         private universities; Arizona teachers academy

HB2444         natural resource conservation districts; revisions

HB2544         Arizona manufactured; modified firearms

HB2613         voting equipment; requirements; origin

HB2667         disruption; educational institution; concealed weapon


According to Howard Fischer of the Arizona Daily Star (5/16/23),

“One of the biggest issues to be resolved is the tension between affordable housing and zoning.” Home prices and rents …and developers have argued regulation is at least part of the reason.”

“But…are communities, through zoning, making housing less affordable?  Issues range from how many homes can be placed on a lot of a given size, how much off-street parking must be provided, forbidding cities from preventing homeowners from adding “accessory dwelling units’’ to their properties that can be rented out, and whether to require cities to allow construction of new low-income housing up to 80 feet tall, near light rail stations.”

As of now, Hb 2536 is dead, and SB1161 just passed the Senate COW with an Amendment on 5/15 and SB1163 remains in the Senate Caucus.  No decisions yet.

And the Veto Queen hasn’t weighed in on overriding local zoning instead focusing on the money she got in the state budget to help not only the homeless but also to finance low-income housing projects.

According to one of our Representatives, it may be all overhauled again, or just die.


LD7 should be proud of their Representative!  NOT!  Not that censors have any binding effect, but this commie needs to be taught a lesson.  Because of his remarkable decision to BLOCK 8 Senate Election Bills sponsored By Senator Jake Hoffman, he took the glory away from the Veto Queen…8 less Bills for her to veto.  Consider him a Democrat now LD7!  These Bills are: SB1140, SB1141, SB1142, SB1143, SB1144, SB1311, SB1323, and SB1694.


The RTS (Request to Speak) system is a necessary component to our legislative process.  This is an excellent way to share your positions on a particular Bill and let your legislator know that you support his/her legislation.  Please review this site and make sure you know how to use it properly.  The legislators depend a lot on your opinions and this is where you share them.

The link to sign up for the RTS system can be found here:  https://www.azleg.gov/alispdfs/Using_the_Request_to_Speak_Program.pdf


Once again, as a gentle reminder to all of the people who just joined these updates, this is how to read the attachments.  All the Bills listed on the attachments are mostly ALL the Republican Introduced Bills.

The Bills highlighted in Green are the GOP Bills I monitor on a daily basis.  The Bills highlighted in Gray, are ones introduced by LD2 legislators, Senator Kaiser and Representative Wilmeth.

And, the Bills highlighted with yellow in the status and date columns, are noted for your review to see their progression in the legislative process.  All Bills are up to date through 5/19/23.

And yes, I did remove most all the Bills highlighted in Blue that were Democrat sponsored.  If the Bills were not moving out of Committee like the Republican sponsored Bills, they have been removed from the monitoring cycle.

Remember, each Bill Number listed is a link to the Bill itself and you can access the status, documents and Agenda’s by clicking onto the link.  Even though I monitor and keep track of the Bills daily, I only send out Updates on the weekends.  So, if you want daily updates on any Bill, just click onto the Bill Number, and go to Overview or Status, for real-time information.  Don’t forget, there is an attachment with the Abbreviations used in the legislature to make your reading easier to understand.

As always, if there are Bills that I am not specifically monitoring, PLEASE let me know and I will add them to my list for you.


Linda Brickman,

Chairman of Legislative Affairs for MCRC and Chairman of LD2 Legislative Affairs,

Email:  Luvbug1611@cox.net

Cell:  602-330-9422


Days of Session: 132

Bills Posted: 1671

Bills Transmitted to the Governor: 266

Bills Vetoed: 89

Bills Signed: 151

Resolutions Posted: 109

Resolutions Sent to the SOS: 26, plus those listed earlier

  1. HCM2002 federal lands housing shortage
  2. HCM2003 critical minerals; copper; urging the president
  3. HCM2004 urging Congress; national forest health
  4. HCM2007 state immigration enforcement; urging Congress
  5. HCR2001 school district expenditures; authorizations
  6. HCR2027 Russell Pearce; death resolution
  7. HCR2033 primary elections; eligible candidates
  8. HCR2037 Assyrian New Year; recognizing
  9. HCR2044 Assyrian Genocide; recognition
  10. HCR2045 Jack Jackson, Sr.; death resolution
  11. HCR2047 twentieth anniversary; death; Lori Piestewa
  12. HCR2048 Joe Hart; death resolution
  13. HR2002 securing America’s lands; foreign interference
  14. HR2003 Liz Harris; expulsion
  15. SCR1006 death benefit; assault; first responders
  16. SCR1020 James Henderson; death resolution
  17. SR1004 Mel Hannah; death resolution
  18. SCR1037 presidential electors; constitutional appointments (NOW; elections; systems; equipment)
  1. SCR1039 Ted Williams; death resolution
  2. SCR1021 United States; Taiwan; trade resolution

Bills Vetoed:  89

  1. SB1184 Municipal tax exemption; residential leases       VETOED        2/23
  2. SB1248 Scope of practice; process; repeal                        VETOED        3/3
  3. Senate Budget Bills SB1523 through SB1535 (13 Bills)    VETOED        2/16
  4. SB1305 race; ethnicity; prohibited instruction [CRT Bill]  VETOED        3/9
  5. SB1063 food municipal tax; exemption                               VETOED        3/28
  6. SB1096 firearms; contracts; prohibited practices              VETOED        3/28
  7. SB1024 public rights-of-way; unlawful acts                         VETOED        3/30
  8. SB1250 employers; vaccines; religious exemption            VETOED        3/30
  9. HB2056 dry washes; permit program exemption              VETOED        4/3
  10. HB2427 domestic violence; pregnant victim; sentencing VETOED 4/3
  11. HB2440 electric energy; power companies; priorities       VETOED       4/3
  12. HB2472 social credit; use; prohibition                                 VETOED        4/3
  13. HB2322 active-early voting lists; removed                          VETOED        4/6
  14. HB2437 transmission lines; applications; exceptions       VETOED        4/5
  15. HB2477 electoral college; support                                       VETOED        4/5
  16. HB2535 private property; wells; regulation; prohibition  VETOED        4/5
  17. HB2586 ADOT dynamic message signs                               VETOED        4/5
  18. SB1162 home-based businesses; restrictions; prohibition VETOED 4/4
  19. SB1600 infants; born alive; requirements                          VETOED     4/6
  20. SB1009 criminal damage; monuments; memorials; statues VETOED 4/5
  21. SB1074 election; contest; technical correction                VETOED    4/6
  22. SB1253 sex offender registration; school notification    VETOED    4/6
  23. SB1257 water resources; assistant director                     VETOED    4/6
  24. SB1428 political subdivisions; gun shows; preemption    VETOED    4/6
  25. HB2415 active early voting lists; removal                         VETOED    4/6
  26. HB2212 criminal damage; trespassing; critical facilities    VETOED    4/11
  27. HB2442 temporary non-expansion area                          VETOED    4/11
  28. HB2552 voting; elections; tally; prohibition                     VETOED    4/12
  29. HB2675 drug cartels; terrorist organizations                  VETOED    4/11
  30. HB2754 criminal liability; enterprises                               VETOED    4/12
  31. SB1005 unjustified actions; parental rights                     VETOED    4/11
  32. SB1027 carfentanil; fentanyl; threshold amount; minors VETOED    4/11
  33. SB1109 prohibited weapons; muffling device; repeal    VETOED    4/11
  34. SB1166 public employees; postsecondary degree requirements VETO 4/7
  35. SB1236 blockchain technology; tax; fee; prohibition    VETOED    4/12
  36. SB1251 working animals; restrictions; prohibition        VETOED    4/12
  37. HB2570 – 2582 12 Additional Budget Bills from the House that I include
  38. Plus all the Bills listed on the earlier page.

Bills Signed:  151

  1. SB1103 administrative review; approvals; developments     SIGNED      3/3
  2. SB1171 conformity; internal revenue code                             SIGNED      3/3
  3. SB1036 setting aside conviction; certificate eligibility           SIGNED      3/28
  1. SB1051 census adjustment; population threshold                SIGNED      3/28
  1. SB1078 podiatric medical assistants; radiation; exemption  SIGNED   3/28
  1. SB1173 public retirement systems; plan election                  SIGNED      3/28
  1. SB1190 technical correction; collection agencies; licenses   SIGNED 3/28
  1. SB1211 county attorney; representation; duties                  SIGNED      3/28
  1. SB1218 naturopathic physicians medical board                  SIGNED      3/28
  1. SB1283 dental board; annual report; website                      SIGNED      3/28
  1. SB1473 corrections act of 2023                                               SIGNED      3/28
  1. SB1130 deferred payments; prohibition                                SIGNED         3/29
  1. SB1049 homeowners’ associations; Betsy Ross Flag           SIGNED         3/30
  1. SB1230 tax exemptions; affidavit                                            SIGNED         3/30
  1. SB1584 small school districts; substitute teachers               SIGNED         3/30
  1. HB2381 mobile homes; recreational vehicles; fund             SIGNED         3/30
  1. HB2624 AHCCCS; redeterminations; appropriation             SIGNED         3/30
  1. SB1172 fire district bonding; limitation                                   SIGNED         4/4
  2. SB1270 open meetings; capacity                                              SIGNED         4/6
  3. HB2168 Good Samaritan; medical assistance                        SIGNED         4/6
  4. HB2199 cosmetology instructors                                              SIGNED        4/5
  5. HB2214 session law; font color                                                 SIGNED         4/6
  6. HB2223 liquor; licensing; processes; procedures                  SIGNED         4/6
  7. HB2225 ADOA; alternative routes applicants                         SIGNED         4/7
  8. HB2293 liquor; purchase; identification                                  SIGNED         4/6
  9. HB2373 permits; automated permitting platform                 SIGNED         4/11
  10. HB2496 transmission lines; definition                                      SIGNED         4/5
  11. HB2525 barbering; cosmetology; salons; unlicensed employees; SIGNED 4/5
  12. HB2550 eyelash technicians; registration                                SIGNED          4/3
  13. HB2066 banks; financial institutions; personal information SIGNED         4/11
  14. HB2197 wills; electronic signatures; requirements                SIGNED         4/11
  15. HB2433 pensions; domestic relations orders                          SIGNED         4/11
  16. HB2473 dental hygienists; scope of practice                           SIGNED         4/11
  17. HB2498 do-not-call list; text messages                                     SIGNED         4/12
  18. HB2589 emergency medical technicians; military reciprocity SIGNED 4/12
  19. SB1052 insurance coverage; biomarker testing                      SIGNED         4/11
  20. SB1097 truck routes; signage                                                      SIGNED         4/11
  21. SB1176 health professionals; address; confidentiality           SIGNED         4/12
  22. SB1294 sex offender registration; online identifiers               SIGNED         4/12
  23. SB1603 hospital; price transparency                                          SIGNED         4/12
  24. SB1650 auditor general; duties; access                                      SIGNED         4/12
  25. HB2005 foreign captive insurers; definition                              SIGNED         4/13
  26. HB2006 insurance; liquidity; definition                                       SIGNED         4/13
  27. HB2008 ASRS; contribution prepayment                                    SIGNED         4/13
  28. HB2009 ASRS; retirement application; changes                        SIGNED         4/13
  29. HB2011 state board of accountancy; continuation                  SIGNED         4/13
  30. HB2015 retirement plans; plan election; rehire                        SIGNED         4/13
  31. HB2016 food handler certificates; training; exemption          SIGNED         4/13
  32. HB2029 ASRS; supplemental deferral plan; participation      SIGNED         4/13
  33. HB2052 counties; advertising contracts; term; notice            SIGNED         4/13
  34. HB2055 probation; work time costs; reporting                       SIGNED         4/13
  35. HB2564 hospitals; physicians; dispensing opioids                 SIGNED         4/13
  36. HB2339 prisoners; medical records; family access                SIGNED         4/11
  37. Bill #’s HB2339, HB2346, and HB 2564 are Democratic sponsored Bills
  38. And earlier Bills listed as well.


2023 Abbreviations 2 (003) (002)



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