AND the news most of us did not want to hear…SINE DIE HAS HAPPENED!

After a record-breaking 204 DAYS in the legislature, the Chambers finally called the End of Days.  History tells us that the longest running legislature to date, had been in the 1960’s.  The Senate toots the longest running days was in 1988 with 173 days in session.  AS OF 7/31/23, we are now labeled with the longest session ever.

Even though I am writing this Report today, 8/16/23, the Legislature had remaining numbers to adjust, but the statistics are basically as of July 31st, 2023 when Sine Die occurred.


Before the news is shared with you all, let’s give a brief update on all the Election Integrity (E.I.) Bills that were introduced into the Legislature.

A sum total of 153 Bills were introduced into the House and Senate.  Pretty remarkable surpassing last years total of 125 Bills into both Chambers.  Attached is the breakdown of each Bill and the final results from the legislative body.

There were 70 E.I. Bills from the House and 83 E.I Bills from the Senate that were introduced.

The Veto Queen did not take any time at all to attempt to stop any “integrity” from the legislature.  Seems like a lack of integrity has spread to her office as well with over 89% of the E. I. Bills being vetoed that were sent to her, numbering 39 E.I. Bills vetoed and a total of 114 E.I. Bills either held or not passed through the Legislature!


What a remarkable Legislative Session – Long and Absolutely Nothing Accomplished!  Please review the attached document for all the details regarding each Bill.  At the end of this Report are the End of Session Statistics.

Over the past few months, I have sent out many Reports detailing different Bills as they progressed through the Legislature and also the results of these Bills as they reached the Veto Queen’s desk.

One last Bill of major importance is SB1102, the transportation Bill, better known as Prop 400.  This Bill recently was signed by the Governor.  Next stop:  the November 2024 Ballot.


Basically, there are two different issues here:  Ours roads, and Mass Transit.

Conservative Republicans wanted to treat them separately, even letting the voters decide on each issue.

The Rhinos caved in to the Democrats putting it all into one ballot Proposition, expanding the transportation tax for BOTH roads and mass transit.

AZ Free Enterprise site has some good information regarding this issue.  But, also attached you will find documents sharing with you the dangers of this Bill passing and how it welcomes Agenda 20-30 into our lives once again.  We need to work together to defeat this Measure.  Please review the documents attached, and stay current on future notifications and publicity documents that will keep you abreast of the complications associated with the passage of this Measure.

Also, here are some links to some of the Bill statistics that may be helpful on Senate Bill 1102 (Prop 400).  Please share with your group.

  1. SB1102 Link to Bill:  https://www.azleg.gov/legtext/56leg/1R/laws/0203.pdf
  2. Link to Fact Sheet to SB1102:  https://www.azleg.gov/legtext/56leg/1R/summary/S.1102TAT-APPROP_ASPASSEDHOUSE.pdf
  3. Link to Final House Votes on SB1102:  https://apps.azleg.gov/BillStatus/BillOverview/78698 (scroll down to SHOW HOUSE THIRD – 0731/2023 AND CLICK)
  4. Link to Final Senate Vote on SB1102:  https://apps.azleg.gov/BillStatus/BillOverview/78698 (scroll down to SHOW SENATE FINAL 073123 AND CLICK)
  5. **REMEMBER, on the two documents that have all the listed Bills, the Bill # is a link to the respective Bill.  Click each number to see the history of each Bill.)



The lack of Integrity did indeed raid the Governor’s office.

Governor Hobbs through one of her Executive Orders (E.O.), Executive Order 2023-11  ( https://azgovernor.gov/sites/default/files/executive_order_2023_11.pdf ) is actually aborting the law.  She has decided to remove the 15 County attorneys from a position of authority by telling the Attorney General Kris Mayes, that Mayes has the authority over any abortion prosecutions in Arizona.  Hobbs does not want anyone prosecuted over abortions.

The E.O. does the following:


  • The state’s Attorney General will, to the extent permissible under Arizona law, assume all duties “with regard to any criminal prosecution of a medical provider or other entity or individual that is pending or brought in the future by the county attorney of any county in this State for violation of any State law restricting or prohibiting abortion care including, without limitation, ARS 13-3603 and provisions in Title 36, Chapter 23.”
  • Bans state agencies from providing “information, data, or investigative assistance or otherwise use any State resources” to further an investigation or proceeding initiated in or by another state that “seeks to impose criminal or civil liability or professional sanction” on a person or entity for providing, assisting, seeking or obtaining reproductive healthcare that would otherwise not be punishable under Arizona law.
  • Requiring the state to decline “any requests from the executive authority of another state for the arrest, surrender, or extradition of any person charged with a criminal violation of a law where the alleged violation relates to the provision of, assistance with, securing of, or receipt of reproductive healthcare,” to the extent permissible under Arizona and Federal law, unless the acts are also punishable under Arizona law.
  • Establishes a Governor’s Advisory Council on Protecting Reproductive freedom to “make recommendations that expand access to sexual and reproductive healthcare in Arizona,” with a consideration remit that includes, but not limited to, “expanding access to family planning and reproductive health resources, analyzing the existing regulatory and enforcement framework to suggest improvements, and addressing disparities to improve the health of Arizona’s communities.”

     If not repealed, replaced or rescinded, the Order will be reviewed no later than June

     24, 2024.

Reproductive freedom has been a focus for Hobbs in recent days.  Hobbs announced her support for State Legislation codifying access to contraception. A Democratic lawmaker will introduce it in January. But the Bill is a long shot in a Republican-controlled State Legislature. 

Abortions are currently allowed in Arizona in the first 15 weeks of pregnancy, under a 2022 law.

For additional information on this E.O. please refer to the OLD attachment “EXECUTIVE ORDER, HOBBS, MAYES SEEK TO PREVENT ABORTION …”


Due to Governor Hobbs outrageous abortion E.O. 2023-11, the Senate will decline any further nominee hearings from the Governor.

The Veto Queens response was that Senator Hoffman has a disregard for small business, Veterans, and children….  This comment brought no response, as yet from Hoffman, even though he has called her a “racist” and “extremist”.

Until Hobbs is willing to meet with the Senate, no further nominations will be confirmed.


Abortions are one of the most egregious acts of violence there is, as it affects children.  BUT, LBGTQ activities comes pretty close.

When the “T” and “Q” find their way into family livelihoods indoctrinating the children especially when parents are not informed or a child is kidnapped for sex trafficking, this creates major issues.  But even allowed to change genders…?  WHERE IS GOD?

Governor Hobbs just passed these two E.O. assisting the LQBTQ community:

            E.O. 2023-12  Ensuring Access to Medically Necessary Gender-Affirming Healthcare https://mcusercontent.com/44a5186aac69c13c570fca36a/files/2aa49dab-0e1f-d48b-5823-eaad9c5083d1/Executive_Order_2023_12.01.pdf  and

            E.O. 2023-13  Protecting Young People from Conversion Therapy  https://mcusercontent.com/44a5186aac69c13c570fca36a/files/20cc2366-0b76-5d7a-1304-3041139fa5bb/Executive_Order_2023_13.01.pdf

What Are Parents Good For Any Longer?  These two E.O.’s are basically giving confirmation to children for a Godless deed and giving these freaks and queers, HEALTHCARE to boot.  DISGRACEFUL!


House Democrats picked Rep. Lupe Contreras as their new leader, and 3 additional leadership seats were chosen as well.  Due to legislators moving on to other political positions, this new leadership taking 9 hours to decide will attempt to make the D’s a stronger team.

LD2 nominated 3 people to replace Senator Kaiser.  The BOS chose Shawnna Bolick, to replace Kaiser in the Senate.


Instead of covering all the Bills history, review the numbers below and on the attached Number 30 Legislative Update that gives reference to the Election Integrity Bills in one document, and the other is the full Legislative Review of ALL Bills introduced.  The following and attached documents give the current status of each of the 153 introduced Election Integrity (E.I.) Bills on one document and the 1652 Introduced Bills on the other document.  For further details, you can click onto the Bill numbers below, as they are links directly to the AZ State’s Legislative Website, and view each Bill.  For all the Bill History’s, please refer to the attached documents going through each Bill (the House and Senate Bill numbers are links directly to each respective Bill introduced into the Legislature.

E.I. Bills Signed by the Governor:    5 

E.I. Bills Vetoed by the Governor:  39

Resolutions/Memorials Sent to the SOS:  5


I pretty much covered this in the NEWS above.

OPINION OR EDITORIAL:  I am attempting to keep The Updates informative, free from my own opinion.  I have written many separate blogs as a separate section to the info I normally give, but todays Update was long enough than to add more information.

Back to Bills.


The RTS (Request to Speak) system is a necessary component to our legislative process.  This is an excellent way to share your positions on a particular Bill and let your legislator know that you support his/her legislation.  Please review this site and make sure you know how to use it properly.  The legislators depend a lot on your opinions and this is where you share them.

The link to sign up for the RTS system can be found here:  https://www.azleg.gov/alispdfs/Using_the_Request_to_Speak_Program.pdf


Once again, as a gentle reminder to all of the people who just joined these updates, this is how to read the attachments.  All the Bills listed on the attachments are mostly ALL the Republican Introduced Bills.

The Bills highlighted in Green are the GOP Bills I monitor on a daily basis.  The Bills highlighted in Gray, are ones introduced by LD2 legislators, Senator Kaiser and Representative Wilmeth.

And, the Bills highlighted with yellow in the status and date columns, are noted for your review to see their progression in the legislative process.  All Bills are up to date through 7/1/23.

And yes, I did remove most all the Bills highlighted in Blue that were Democrat sponsored.  If the Bills were not moving out of Committee like the Republican sponsored Bills, they have been removed from the monitoring cycle.

Remember, each Bill Number listed is a link to the Bill itself and you can access the status, documents and Agenda’s by clicking onto the link.  Even though I monitor and keep track of the Bills daily, I only send out Updates on the weekends.  So, if you want daily updates on any Bill, just click onto the Bill Number, and go to Overview or Status, for real-time information.  Don’t forget, there is an attachment with the Abbreviations used in the legislature to make your reading easier to understand.

As always, if there are Bills that I am not specifically monitoring, PLEASE let me know and I will add them to my list for you.

I have thoroughly enjoyed writing and posting these Legislative Updates each week.  Hopefully, they have helped you in your review of the introduced legislation.  I am continuing to write blogs on different issues for the next few months until January 2024 when the Legislative Session begins its new session.  If you would like to receive these blogs, these let me know and I will continue to send them to you.

Otherwise, have a wonderful holiday end of the 2023 year, and I will return in January 2024 with the, then NEW 2024 Weekly Legislative Updates.


Linda Brickman,

Chairman of Legislative Affairs for MCRC and Chairman of LD2 Legislative Affairs,

Email:  Luvbug1611@cox.net

Cell:  602-330-9422



Gov. Hobbs Signs SB1102 Sending Prop 400 To The Ballot

2023 Abbreviations 2 (003) (002)





Bills highlighted in Green are the GOP Bills

Bills highlighted in Gray are Bills introduced by Senator Kaiser and Representative Wilmeth

Bills highlighted with Yellow are current with status and date; also signed by Governor

Bills highlighted with Red are vetoed.

List of Vetoed Bills: 

SB1001, SB1005, SB1009, SB1011, SB1021, SB1024, SB1025, SB1026, SB1027, SB1028, SB1030, SB1040, SB1048, SB1063, SB1066, SB1074, SB1091, SB1095, SB1096, SB1100, SB1101, SB1105, SB1106, SB1109, SB1135, SB1146, SB1151, SB1162, SB1166, SB1175, SB1180, SB1184, SB1201, SB1213, SB1234, SB1236, SB1243, SB1246, SB1248, SB1250, SB1251, SB1252, SB1253, SB1255, SB1257, SB1262, SB1264, SB1265, SB1268, SB1277, SB1301, SB1305, SB1331, SB1332, SB1391, SB1408, SB1410, SB1413, SB1428, SB1435, SB1455, SB1471, SB1500, SB1523, SB1524, SB1525, SB1526, SB1527, SB1528, SB1529, SB1530, SB1531, SB1532, SB1533, SB1534, SB1535, SB1565, SB1583, SB1588, SB1595, SB1596, SB1597, SB1598, SB1600, SB1611, SB1658, SB1696, SB1698 

HB2056, HB2094, HB2108, HB2210, HB2212, HB2252, HB2254, HB2297, HB2305, HB2308, HB2309, HB2312, HB2319, HB2322, HB2332, HB2377, HB2379, HB2394, HB2415, HB2416, HB2427, HB2428, HB2437, HB2440, HB2441, Hb2442, HB2444, HB2469, HB2472, HB2474, HB2477, HB2502, HB2504, HB2509, HB2530, HB2535, HB2539, HB2544, HB2545, HB2552, HB2560, HB2570, HB2571, HB2572, HB2573, HB2574, HB2575, HB2576, HB2577, HB2578, HB2579, HB2580, HB2581, HB2582, HB2583, HB2584, HB2585, HB2586, HB2613, HB2617, HB2618, HB2623, HB2667, HB2675, HB2691, HB2722, HB2754, HB2757, HB2759, HB2786, HB2802

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